Thru Tubing
  • Spiral design transfers heat from rubber to the steel outer tube.
  • This design results in less chunking due to hysteresis because there is less rubber.
  • Longer life in many conventional applications like washing out sand plugs.

BICO's line of Thru Tubing motors is designed specifically for the harsh conditions you encounter every day. The unique SpiroStar Power Sections offer radically improved performance in extreme temperatures, chemical, nitrogen or other environments where aromatics have hindered motor performance in the past. This proven technology uses a thin layer of rubber over a steel lobe to overcome hysteresis which could lead to chunking or premature failure.

BICO's SpiroStar technology has been field proven over the last 5 years. It will complete jobs where others fail such as difficult cleanouts, fishing, cutting under reaming or milling operations. Some operators have included SpiroStar technology in their well prognosis based on previous performance.

Thru Tubing
  • Even layer of rubber.
  • Reduced rubber swelling in temperature or nitrogen environments.
  • 2X the power of conventional stators.
  • Does not lose RPM under loaded conditions like conventional stators.

When extreme performance is required, ask for a SpiroStar Power Section by name!!!

Spiral Drill Bit

If the body of your Thru Tubing motor has a spiral design, then you can have confidence it is a SpiroStar Power Section and you have the most robust power section our industry can offer.

BICO maintains a rental fleet of tools for you to LEASE so you can "test drive" them. All of our rental tools are 3rd party inspected.

We will SELL you the SpiroStar Power Sections to run on your lower ends. In some cases we have SpiroStar stators that you can run with your existing rotors. It is possible for us to build a custom or proprietary power section for your own fleet if needed. Please contact your local BICO SpiroStar salesman for more information.

Thru Tubing Chart

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