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BICO utilizes SBS for manufacturing collars for directional and horizontal drilling, as well as formation evaluation. Our state-of-the-art facilities enable SBS to fabricate even the most intricate tools to meet customers’ specifications.

SBS utilizes high-strength steel alloys such as P530, P550, P580, and P750 for these sophisticated parts due to their exceptional mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion. The P530 material has been improved with the addition of P550 and P580, which have higher chromium and nitrogen content for enhanced resistance to pitting corrosion and greater endurance strength. The new P750 brand offers a competitive alternative to common Ni-based alloys.

SBS stands out for being a one-stop manufacturer of special Non-Mag collars. Only products that pass our rigorous inspections are allowed to leave the factory. From material sourcing to final quality control, all SBS-manufactured products undergo precision machining processes, including BTA boring, CNC lathe and milling, roller burnishing, shot peening, long-distance gun hole-drilling, and laser cladding on a 6-axis machine.

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Best mud motor on the market, period. If you want something that will hold up in a hot hole or OBM environment, BICO with SpiroStar Supreme is the answer.

Frank Smith

Friendly people, who unload your truck in a timely manner. Enough room to maneuver big trucks into position. Great company to work with!

Kevin Reed


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