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The BICO line of downhole Drilling Motors is specifically designed to perform under harsh drilling conditions. The unparalleled strength and robustness of the motor comes from its innovative design which incorporates proprietary elastomers with EvenWall® technology to withstand hostile drilling environments. BICO offers a wide range of power sections designed for most applications through proprietary brands.

BICO’s downhole drilling motors are highly rugged and efficient positive-displacement motors. The motor converts the drilling fluid’s hydraulic energy into mechanical energy in the form of torque and rotational speed. This conversion is accomplished through the use of a spiral rotor that fits into a stator of a similar shape to form a tight seal.

BICO motors are available in configurations ranging from low-speed/high-torque models to our high-speed performance motors. All of these tools incorporate features that reduce maintenance costs, lower inventory requirements and ensure reliable performance.

Tool Sizes – 1-11/16”- 12”

Premium hard rubber and EvenWall® design

Higher temperature ratings

Chemical resistance

Short-bit-to-bend options

Improved performance capability

Increased ROP, reduced NPT

Consistency, reliability and longevity

Optimization capabilities

Significant economic savings

Countries Served

Years in Business

Facilities Worldwide

Happy Clients

Best mud motor on the market, period. If you want something that will hold up in a hot hole or OBM environment, BICO with SpiroStar Supreme is the answer.

Frank Smith

Friendly people, who unload your truck in a timely manner. Enough room to maneuver big trucks into position. Great company to work with!

Kevin Reed


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Faster & Safer, Down To The Core

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