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The BICO FrictionBuster is a Hydro-Mechanical tool designed to reduce static friction in order to improve effective weight transfer to the bit.

The BICO FrictionBuster axial oscillation helps break static friction between the drill string and the wellbore. The BICO FrictionBuster mitigates drilling dysfunctions and improves drilling performance.

Hydraulic pressure pulses are generated at the nozzle assembly

Generated pressure pulses are then converted to axial oscillations by a shock tool

Reduces downhole friction and improves weight transfer and tool control

Reduces downhole dysfunctions such as: stick-slip and drill string buckling

Improves ROP and increases lateral lengths of extended-reach wells

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Best mud motor on the market, period. If you want something that will hold up in a hot hole or OBM environment, BICO with SpiroStar Supreme is the answer.

Frank Smith

Friendly people, who unload your truck in a timely manner. Enough room to maneuver big trucks into position. Great company to work with!

Kevin Reed


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