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BICO FASTER Shock Tools are used to greatly reduce shocks and vibrations in drilling applications to enhance performance and provide a much smoother drilling operation.

The specially designed, oil bathed disc springs absorb and dampen both natural and induced vibrations. Penetration rates can improve because cutters stay in contact with the formation more often instead of bouncing. Cutter and bearing life are often increased by minimizing the chipping of cutter inserts and by the reduction of peak loading on bearings. The reduced axial vibration leads to increased life for the drill string and other rig components, which can include downhole electronic instrumentation such as MWD tools.

BICO FASTER Shock Tools are available in a variety of sizes and they can be specifically configured to accommodate either low weights on bit, as would be encountered with PDC bit, or high weights on bit that you encounter with traditional rock bits.

Bidirectional Shock Tool

Designed to Work Independently or with Axial Vibration Tool

Hydrostatically Balanced

Optimum Spring Rates to Improve ROP, Improve Weight Transfer, and Reduce Friction

Large Bore

Reliable: High Yield Material Construction and Quality Seals Design

High Temperature Applications (up to 400 degF)

Patented spline design geometry enhances hydraulic oil transfer and operational performance of the shock tool

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Best mud motor on the market, period. If you want something that will hold up in a hot hole or OBM environment, BICO with SpiroStar Supreme is the answer.

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